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"I purchased a 3000 sq. ft. home that was 'loved to death' by a family that had seven kids, two dogs, one cat and two canaries. Needless to say, the house was a complete wreck when I moved in. The carpets were stained and damaged, the interior paint job was awful, and the kitchen and bathrooms were very outdated. Now here's the best part: I found and contracted an exceptionally talented guy by the name of Mark Militello for a consultation on how to whip my new home into shape. He came up with a vision that exceeded any of my expectations while saving me literally thousands of dollars.
Mark single-handedly demo'd, repaired, then chose great paint colors and lighting, refinished my kitchen cabinets and transformed a beat up house into a very cool space. He came up with so many ideas––he actually transformed a typical tract home into a custom home. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who's looking to update an existing, tired home to a fresh, updated one. He has that rare talent of analyzing interior spaces and coming up with some very cool (high quality) solutions, while keeping within your budget!"
--Joe M., San Francisco

More from Mark's clients
More from Mark's clients